Spencer Dinwiddie Reacts To Bradley Beal Nets Rumors

Spencer Dinwiddie had a pretty funny reaction to all of these Bradley Beal rumors that are circulating.

Spencer Dinwiddie continues to be one of the most active NBA players on Twitter. In his own right, he has become a bit of a troll, especially when it comes to his business ventures. For instance,  that would have seen fans donating to him in order to crowdfund his upcoming free agency decision. Now, Dinwiddie is reacting to something a lot more pressing, which could ultimately affect where he plays next.

Yesterday, . Of course, Dinwiddie plays for the Nets and would most likely be a part of any deal that could bring Beal into the city. With this in mind, Dinwiddie offered a quick reaction in the form of a gif.

Essentially, Dinwiddie knows the Nets would have to move a lot of pieces for this move to happen and deep down, he knows he would probably be part of that equation. In Kyrie Irving’s absence, Dinwiddie has played phenomenally well this season and his value is surely at an all-time high. If you’re the Wizards, he is certainly looking like an attractive piece for a rebuild.

It will be fun to see how this all plays out.

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