Spokane-Based Mega Hip Hop Star A.R Tokin Set to Release His New Banger “Batmans Dead”

Lovers of authentic hip hop sound have had quite the rare treat with the now Spokane, Washington-based hip hop and rap nerd A.R Tokin who has been restoring the lost glory of original hip hop by tapping into that old school vibe and delivering it with a more modern twist as he bridges the gap between the two rap generations in his own ingenious ways. Going on to create one of the most impressive catalogs in rap, he has won over fans and critics alike with his bold swagger, unparalleled stage presence and commanding voice. When it comes to emceeing,

A.R Tokin is one of the most lyrical artists I have come across. He is very fluid, swift and effortless bringing some masterful rhymes, sometimes provocative and other times wise perspectives over underground beats. New banger alert; – A.R Tokin has something that will get you amped up from the first minute all the way to the last. “BATMANS DEAD” is his new anthem set for official release on April 28, 2023. Produced by Robec The Genius, you have to agree that he is called a genius for a reason because these beats are way too wavy and slap like hell! There is a drill element to the production with the deep-phased basslines, atmospheric synths, the signature low-end 808s and brutal drums exceptionally mixed for one neck-snapping polished sound. In typical A.R Tokin’s fashion, he rides over the beats, starting off with an unforgettable hook-laden chorus which the fabric of this tune is built around before he delves deep into his lyrical storytelling, vividly painting words with his visual wordplay and scholarly flows.

This is an A-level lyrical performance that demonstrates A.R Tokin’s lyrical dominance as well as his limitless creativity as a storyteller. “BATMANS DEAD” is A.R Tokin reeling about the lack of modern-day heroes and how society has neglected to deal with its own day-to-day problems and crimes which keep on rising. Mark 28th April on your calendar; in fact do one better, follow A.R Tokin on his Instagram to be part of this perfect distillation of real hip hop and rap…while at it tell your friends about A.R Tokin!

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