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Statik Selektah Says Labeling New Music As "Old School" Is Bad For Hip Hop

Brooklyn, NY – Veteran producer Statik Selektah has worked with everyone from Nas and Talib Kweli to Action Bronson and KXNG Crooked over the course his extensive career. Simply put, the Roc Nation affiliate knows his way around a studio.

On Tuesday (March 20), after he popped up in an Instagram video with 2 Chainz, the new music featured in the clip was labeled by some as “’90s-inspired.” Subsequently, the Massachusetts native aired his grievances about the current state Hip Hop on Twitter.

“Why is anything that’s not a synth with 200 hi hats a second considered ’90s or old school’??!” he wrote. “Y’all gotta stop that shit. Bad for hip hop. Y’all don’t do it to Kendrick and them. Don’t do it to the east.”

Expounding on the topic, Statik told HipHopDX, “Its bad for Hip Hop when people try to label anything with soul or a raw element to it as 90s or old school. It creates a separation. It makes the young kids look at sampling music as dated.”

He added, “The funny thing is none that in the clip] was sampled. Theres a whole industry labeling anything that isnt EDM or Auto-Tune as 90s or old school. But if Kendrick Lamar] or Drake does it, they dont call it that. They just wanna label certain people. They do it to Joey Bada$$. They do it to Action Bronson. They stay doing it to me laughs].”

Statik, whose latest solo project 8 was released last December, has always adhered to thejazz and funk-lacedboom-bap beats purists have embraced since Hip Hop’s inception. No matter what he puts out, it will naturally have a touch that classic East Coast sound but he remains frustrated by the “’90s-inspired” and “old school” labels that seem to shroud anything that’s not part the popular mainstream.

“Hip Hop was never supposed to be for everyone a.k.a. the biggest audiences,” he explains. “It was a thing you used to feel part . You would earn respect. Everyones entitled now. Social media does that. It’s hard to get around.”

“Its 2018,” he continued. “Nothing is 90s. JAY-Zs] 4:44 is not 90s. Kanye Wests] Dark Twisted Fantasy isnt 90s. PRhyme is not 90s. Westside Gunn and Conway aint 90s. Its like brainwashing the new generation that they have to make whats popular or they wont win. We need to start checking the bullshitters calling it out its name laughs].”

But he does fer a solution.

“I think everyone should promote the stuff they love more instead promoting how bad shit is or how much joke a certain artist is,” he said. “Theres a lot negativity. I used to be on it, too. I was] mad at the Lil Yachtys, etc. Now, its like I ignore the shit I dont like.”

He adds, “Stop making stupid people famous though. Its all hype f nothing.”

Several fellowartists also chimed in on the topic, including 9th Wonder,2 Chainz, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Termanology and Lord Finesse.

Check out their comments below.

Statik Selektah Says Labeling New Music As "Old School" Is Bad For Hip Hop

Statik Selektah Says Labeling New Music As "Old School" Is Bad For Hip Hop