Stephen A. Smith Has A Warning For Dak Prescott

Stephen A. Smith has some interesting insight for Dak Prescott amid his negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott has been one of the more interesting stories in the NFL over the past couple of weeks. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback wants to be paid as if he is the best QB in the league. If you’ve watched him play, you would understand that he probably doesn’t deserve to be paid like that. Regardless,  from the Cowboys and is holding out for more money. In light of his actions, the Cowboys have placed the franchise tag on him.

 throughout this saga and while he wants Prescott to get paid, he has some reservations about the QB’s current strategy. On First Take today, Smith offered a warning to Prescott as these negotiations begin to get more drawn out. Clearly, the ESPN host doesn’t want to see Prescott get burned.

“There is such a thing as pushing the envelope a little bit too far,” Smith said. Based on these sentiments, it appears as though Smith thinks things could turn ugly for Prescott if he continues to ask for an obscene amount of money. When you’re hit with the franchise tag, you lose leverage and that’s something Prescott has to remember.

Stay tuned for updates on NFL free agency as we will be sure to bring them to you.

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