Steve Lacy Smashes Fan’s Camera After It Was Thrown On Stage

Steve Lacy performs on the Mojave stage during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival

Timothy Norris/Getty Images

Steve Lacy Smashes Fan’s Camera After It Was Thrown On Stage

  /  10.25.2022

Steve Lacy was not smiling after being hit by a camera.

During his show in New Orleans on Monday night, a fan threw a camera on stage while Lacy was performing his chart-topping hit “Bad Habit.”

After the object struck his leg, Lacy stopped the song and issued a warning. “Don’t throw sh*t on my fu**ing stage, please!” he told the crowd in video footage, which surfaced on social media.

Lacy then approached a fan at the front of the stage and asked to see the camera before throwing it to the ground and smashing it. Some in the crowd gasped and others cheered before Lacy walked off stage and abruptly ended the show.

“Yeah, that’s it. Peace!” he said, leaving fans stunned.

@diioorrxo_ hate when people ruin other people’s experience🤦🏽‍♂️. steve didnt deserve that.#stevelacy #badhabit #geminirights #fyp #music #concert ♬ Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

“He handled that so poorly,” commented one fan, while another defended him. “Someone literally hit him with something. Steve wasn’t outta pocket at all.”

“Bad Habit,” which appears on Lacy’s album Gemini Rights, became his first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“I really had no idea that it would be [successful] like this. I don’t even have that brain,” Lacy told Rolling Stone. “I’m super grateful that I get to see how people interact with this music and create moments. I’ve been sitting back and trying to make sense of it all. Mad gratitude. And just super inspired.”

Lacy is currently on his “Give You the World” tour, which is set to run through Nov. 11 in Los Angeles.

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