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StevenCharles Unveils An Exquisite New Single “Love You Still”

The past 2 years have been extremely challenging for the world, but thanks to the vision and talent of some artists, our lives felt more bearable and even joyful. One of these extremely skilled creators is StevenCharles, A Montreal-native currently residing between Atlanta and New York City who launched his career in 2021 with the single “Stay.” StevenCharles has followed-up to his first success with a brand new single titled “Love You Still,” an exquisite mix of r&b and neo-soul-inspired sonirities. 

His graceful sonic blend made of a subtle dosage between multiple genres is set to further his rise in music and strengthen his status as one of the most promising North American artists of the year. The multi-faceted and versatile artist impresses with his vocal control and delivery over melodic sonic soundscapes that will inspire millions of people thanks to the positivity and love he injects in his lyrics. His first two major singles will most certainly be followed by many more, so make sure to follow StevenCharles.

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