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Stray Kids Tie a ‘Double Knot’ in Dynamic New Single: Watch the Music Video

K-pop boy band Stray Kids returned Wednesday (Oct. 9) with the aggressive determination of their single “Double Knot.” 

A one-off single, the bombastic song blends trap, EDM and hip-hop elements and is written by the group's internal production crew 3Racha (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) with Nick Furlong and DallasK. The title, “Double Knot,” appears to be a reference to tying shoes tightly in order to face the future — which could be seen as an apparent metaphor for being prepared for things that come your way — with Han's opening verse referring to running forward while tightening his shoelaces.

It is Stray Kids’ third single of the year, following March’s "Miroh" and June’s "Side Effects."

The music video for "Double Knot" is full of impactful scenes of the group performing the song's powerful choreography in warehouses and in deserts, as they sing and swagger about their determination to go and do whatever they want. A sense of mystery permeates the video, as two moons hang in they sky and the members, who are under surveillance, seek their path with compasses and keys unlock the way. Like other Stray Kids music videos, there are glitchy visual effects incorporated throughout.

Watch the music video for Sray Kids’ “Double Knot” below.

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