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Stunna 4 Vegas Passes Out On Stage, Fans Believe It Was A Publicity Stunt

It looked to just be apart of the performance, but some fans were concerned.

Life on the road can take a toll on an artist as they travel from city to city, performing for tens of thousands of fans multiple times a week. Additionally, artists are responsible —all the while maintaining their personal lives, relationships, and creative outlets. Being healthy and taking care of oneself is essential, but oftentimes that falls by the wayside in the hustle and bustle.

Anyone who has been keeping up with knows that everywhere he goes, he takes his protegé, friend, and collaborator Stunna 4 Vegas with him. The North Carolina  including a recent show in South Carolina. However, things took a turn after Stunna reportedly passed out on stage. He and DaBaby shook hands after a song before Stunna turned around and dropped to the ground.

“Holy sh*t,” the emcee repeated. “They ain’t no paramedic in this motherf*cka?” Stunna is seen laying on the stage while breathing heavily, then DaBaby comes over with a bottle of water and what looks to be a pill. into performing as if nothing happened. A clip of the moment began to circulate on social media and outlets stated that DaBaby saved Stunna’s life, but some fans believed the incident was staged for publicity. It all looks to be just apart of the performance, so check out the pair tricking fans below.

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