Stüssy and Martine Rose Tease an Upcoming Collaboration


Continuing to offer collaborations this year, Stüssy recently teased an unexpected team-up with Martine Rose. Taking to Instagram, the streetwear imprint shared an image accompanied by a caption that reads, “Stüssy & Martine Rose…expect perfection Friday, April 14th 2023.” It is currently believed that the Friday, April 14, 2023 date is set to be the date that the capsule collection between Stüssy and Martine Rose will be officially revealed.

The image shot by London-based photographer Rosie Marks offers a glimpse at the collaboration, showing two items from the range. Most notable is a pair of gloves sported by the driver of the car in the photo, the gloves are marked by a series of colors and both text and motif graphics from Stüssy and Martine Rose. Another item is a banner defined by a fringe detail and a collage print with a colorful background.

Take a first look at the Stüssy x Martine Rose collaboration expected to be unveiled April 14 above.

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