Suge Knight's Fiance Sentenced to Three Years in Prison in Connection With His Case

As if they didn’t have enough problems, Suge Knights fiance is heading to jail after repeatedly violating court orders related to Knights murder case.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Douglas Sortino ruled that Toi-Lin Kelly had violated a court order by facilitating phone calls between Suge Knight and documentary producers who are working on a movie about Knights Death Row record label.

Kelly was sentenced to three years in prison for violating her probation. That probation came from an earlier plea deal she took to avoid jail time after violating another court order around the case.

Knight is barred from communicating with anyone but his attorneys while he awaits a trial for murder that stemmed from a 2015 incident on the set Straight Outta Compton. Kelly first landed in hot water for selling surveillance footage the incident to TMZ for $55,000. A judge had ruled that the footage was not to be made public.

Kelly pleaded no contest and was ordered to pay $55,000 in restitution, perform 100 hours community service, and serve five years probation in lieu jail time. However, the judge was not so lenient when Kelly was found to have violated another court order.