Summer-Pearl – Times Like These [Stream]

Photo Credit:  Ortiz-Arenas

Photo Credit: Ortiz-Arenas

Keeping with her productive schedule this year, Summer-Pearl drops yet another incredible release with ‘Times Like These’. The double single features ‘War (A-Side)’ and ‘The Social (B-Side)’, with multiple influences seeping their way into the London-based artists immersive sound and versatile style.

The first track brings in elements of funk and soul along with Summer-Pearl playing around with intriguing melodies whilst speaking on her experience as a black woman through her poetic nature. The track switches up for a grittier, fast-paced rap section at the end upping the energy levels and breaking away from the chill, laid-back sound upheld in her verses.

Moving into ‘The Social (B-Side)’, she leans us in with a sound clip of the enigmatic Nina Simone before jumping into her vivid lyricism. The instrumental takes samples of jazz horns and funk bass, using experimental production to create something singular. As ever, Summer-Pearl continues to expand her sound and display her versatility.

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