Summer Walker Nose Job Rumors Heat Up

Summer Walker fans believe the singer has undergone plastic surgery because of how different her nose looks in new pictures.

Summer Walker has been in the news a lot lately after announcing that,  and now, she’s back in the headlines because her fans are theorizing that she’s gotten plastic surgery on her nose. Earlier this week, the rising singer was spotted wearing a mask to cover her face, . Both stars faced the same type of chatter when they covered up their faces and, now that she’s officially unmasked, people are convinced that Summer went and got some sort of procedure on her nose. 

Comparing old and new photos will likely leave you believing that something has been done to change Summer Walker’s appearance but, until she comes out and confirms anything of that nature, it would be unfair to assume. It’s not uncommon to find the artist’s name trending because of something she’s said or done — like her retirement announcement for the end of 2020 — but these allegations are new. Do you think she took a trip to her surgeon or are people reaching yet again?

This isn’t the only drastic change that Summer Walker may have effected in regards to her look. Just a few days ago, , telling the world that she would be re-starting her hair journey from scratch.

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