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Summer Walker Shows Differences Of "Week One Vs. Week Two" Of Knowing Her

Glammed up versus real life.

Singer Summer Walker decided to keep it real with her followers on Monday. In a social media-driven culture where many artists only put forward their best selves and flex for the ‘Gram, Summer doesn’t hesitate to show all sides of herself with fans. There has been a trend going around for quite some time that goes along the lines of “When I Met [Him or Her] Vs. How I Am Now.” Simply, they looked when they let their partners/friends/co-workers versus how they truly are in everyday life.

Summer gave her addition to the trend by submitting a series of photos that she uploaded to Instagram. “Week one of knowing me vs week two,” she wrote in the caption. In the first two photos,  with a full face of makeup. She poses for selfies as she looks seductively at the camera. Then, in the last two, she shows off her bald head, makeup-less face with tattoos, and a cheesy smile. 

Her fans gave her props for being true to herself and not believing that s London On Da Track even commented, “You too real 🖤.” Swipe through the photos below to check it out for yourselves.

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