Summer Walker Teases “Girls Need Love” Remix With Victoria Monet

It appears that we are in for another remix treat! Summer Walker dropped a subtle hint about an upcoming remix for “Girls Need Love,” in a recent video post. In this intriguing clip, she can be seen taking on the role of a therapist, seated in a therapy chair. Accompanying her in the video is internet personality Terri Joe, who plays a part involving distress over unreturned text messages from a man. In a comically melodramatic manner, Joe seeks advice from Summer Walker. “I don’t know what to do,” Joe says. “He not answering my calls, he not answering my texts … like.”

Amid Joe’s theatrics and her teary cries, Summer maintains an unflinching demeanor, responding with a nonchalant “Damn.” She then proceeds to reveal a Spotify R&B playlist to Joe, declaring, “This is what you need.” As the camera zooms in on the playlist, the first song listed prominently is “Girls Need Love,” with Victoria Monet. This cryptic video snippet has ignited speculation and excitement among fans, as it strongly suggests that a remix of “Girls Need Love” is on the horizon. Although no release date has been announced, fans are excited.

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Summer Walker And Victoria Monet Are Coming

Summer Walker, known for her captivating and soulful R&B sound, has a history of collaborating with other artists to create fresh and exciting versions of her tracks. The first remix iteration of “Girls Need Love” features Drake, which resonated with listeners for its candid and relatable lyrics. Now, given the mention of Victoria Monet, it’s highly likely that this remix will bring a new dimension to the already beloved song.

Victoria Monet, known for her powerful vocal prowess, is expected to bring her own unique flair to the remix, potentially adding a fresh perspective to the song’s narrative. The video teaser not only hints at an upcoming musical collaboration but also adds an element of humor and theatrics to build anticipation for the remix. “WE NEED A RELEASE DATE IMMEDIATELY,” one person wrote. “Lmao summer should not be cosplaying a therapist,” another joked. “Oh this a hit,” someone else said. Stay tuned on any updates regarding new music from Summer and Victoria, on HNHH.

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