Summrs Responds To Getting Jumped, Homixide Gang Allegedly Stole His Jewelry

Today, footage surfaced showing Louisiana rapper Summrs getting jumped by who appears to be members of Homixide Gang. The incident took place at the performer’s recent set at Box Fest, and resulted in a major brawl. The individuals who rushed the stage also reportedly stole various pieces of Summrs’ jewelry.

As there were very few details of the incident available when the video first surfaced, fans were left to speculate. Summrs has now taken to social media to address the situation, however, providing followers with a bit more insight. He appears to be in good spirits despite some visible bruising and other marks on his body in a series of new selfies. He’s seen posing in what appears to be a hotel bathroom, with his injuries on full display. “Li rino get it on without his potnas n security #Souljashit 😂 #took20yallgetthatjewelry,” he captioned the post. “How yall not get it all😒.”

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Summrs Shares New Selfies Following Jumping

While it seems as though Summrs hasn’t let the unfortunate attack get him down, various commenters are calling for him to make some changes to his security personnel. Many fans think his security shouldn’t have allowed the situation to happen in the first place, or escalate the way it did. It’s unclear judging by the footage whether or not security, or Summrs’ associates, stepped in at any point. His recent post suggests that they didn’t. Regardless, supporters are glad to see that the rapper is recovering well following the incident.

It remains unclear what prompted the altercation, however, rumors suggest that Summrs dissed Homixide Gang backstage, prompting the attack. Homixide Gang has yet to share a response to the situation. What do you think of Summrs appearing to get jumped by members of Homixide Gang during one of his recent performances? How do you feel about the Louisiana-born rapper’s response to the incident? Do you think security should have stepped in sooner? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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