Superstar Drops Music Video for ‘Painting Pictures’

The snippet of him performing Painting Pictures went viral across socials on October 22’ putting his name and the new song on everyone’s radar. However, in the midst of going viral, the song was flagged for not being properly cleared, causing the song to be removed from Spotify for two days, and some versions to be taken down from YouTube. The song’s production – features a sample of Faith Evans‘s 1995 song ‘Soon As I Get Home’ which wasn’t cleared until Superstar Pride was able to meet Diddy himself leading to the co-writer and co-producer clearing the sample. Allowing Painting Pictures to be uploaded to DSPs and reach monumental success. 

The viral success of his new single resulted in Pride’s first-ever Billboard Hot 100 entry, debuting at No. 99 and peaking in the top 30 in less than a month. Additionally, “Painting Pictures” has garnered millions of views on TikTok and launched to the top of Spotify’s Global and US Viral 50 charts.

The Sardis, Mississippi rapper is the latest example of how TikTok can expand an artist’s reach to a wider audience. Today, he’s catapulted from internet sensation to international superstar and is setting the tone for a record-breaking year in 2023

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