Swae Lee Calls Out Ex-GF After She Leaves Sticky Surprise All Over His Cars

Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee came out to an anti-Valentine’s Day-style surprise last night. The rapper found that a woman in his life had covered his cars in melted chocolate.

“Somebody left me a gift and s**t,” he said, pulling a small box f chocolates f the hood his suddenly sticky car. “I appreciate that.”

He posted another video showing a second car being hosed down.

“My other car, too?” he said. “Appreciate that. Appreciate that. Happy Valentine’s Day, you know what I’m saying? You just can’t extend your arm, you feel me?”

He went even further, calling out the name the girl who went after his cars… and she wasn’t exactly hard to find. She posted a video herself vandalizing the cars earlier in the night. In a strange twist ending, however, Marlisia posted the next morning while in the shower with Swae Lee. Apparently, things are all patched up.

“Right where I belong,” she wrote. “Morning showers are the best.”