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Swae Lee On "Sicko Mode" & Not Being Recognized: "I Ain’t Tripping"

Swae Lee’s got a good attitude.

Swae Lee is no rookie when it comes to #1 Billboard tracks since securing the top spot with his  collaboration “Sunflower” as well as his work on ‘s “Sicko Mode” – something that may not have been known. Swae contributed vocals on the song but fans may have missed the important tidbit since he wasn’t included in the music video. “Someone said they didn’t see Swae Lee in the sicko mode video yea I noticed that too,” Swae tweeted at the time

Swae Lee On "Sicko Mode" & Not Being Recognized: "I Ain't Tripping"
Sparrow/Getty Images

In a recent conversation with , Swae discussed the latter asking the 24-year-old how he felt about not getting proper recognition for his efforts on the song. “Shout out to the boys,” Swae said of Travis and . “I don’t really… The game is gonna do what it do. I just take everything, learn from it, note it. It’s a blessing to just be part of such big tracks.”

The “Guatemala” music maker made it clear that he has no hard feelings since he’s still got his name on a Grammy-nominated track.  “At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation. I don’t take nothing personally. Who knows what agenda they had for the song. I’m apart of the motherfucker, so I ain’t tripping… I spoke my piece and left it at that.” 

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