Swae Lee's Girlfriend Stomps TF Out of Side Chick… Gives Her a Black Eye

Swae Lee’s girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz is being called out for being a “bully,” after the Instagram model and four of her friends jumped and “publicly humiliated” KB Tate, an ex-sidechick of the “Black Beatles” rapper. Following a video of the brawl surfacing on the internet, KB took to Instagram to share her side of the altercation.

“All I want is for the harassing and stalking to FINALLY END!! All I need is JUSTICE!!!” she posted a text picture.

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Swae Lee's Girlfriend Stomps TF Out of Side Chick... Gives Her a Black Eye

Source: Instagram @marliesiaortiz

Marlie mentioned Chyna in her IG story, writing, You love sucking people ni**as d**ks huh? Yall can have each other, she added.

Because that clearly wasnt enough to get her point across, she then dedicated an entire video to the former Rob & Chyna star. To the sound of Bubba Sparxxxs Ms New Booty, Marlie posted a self-shot video of herself twerking. What had viewers calling her savage was the fact that she stuffed her tights with reportedly 16 pillows to imitate Chynas huge backside.

Maybe hell like me with an a** like this, she captioned the post, which got over 200,000 views in less than 24 hours. While Chyna and the Black Beatles rapper may not be impressed with it, Instagram users were. People filled the comments section to the brim with crying laughing emojis.

Im f**king weak as hell, wrote one user. Go off. Petty I f**kin love it, chimed in another.

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