SZA Reflects On Her Achievements This Year, Reveals She Has No More Goals

While it’s obvious that SZA had an absolutely massive 2023, she may have accomplished even more than people realize. During a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music she reflected on a year that saw her star power reaching higher than ever before. During one segment of the interview when she focuses on what’s next she makes a surprising revelation. “I don’t have any more goals,” she revealed.

In an effort to explain herself, she discussed the incredibly impressive list of achievements she’s pulled off. “I didn’t think I would ever go platinum. I sold a bunch of records, I got to meet Stevie Wonder, I got to meet Beyoncé and work with her, I got to meet Frank Ocean. My mom came and my dad came to all these cool countries to see me perform. I’ve had sold-out shows, I got to headline a festival,” she explained. “I’m nominated for Grammys. I’ve won a Grammy. I’m done, for me, personally. … Anything past this is so much more than I wanted, thought of, dreamed of.” It’s a fair question to wonder what else is even left for her to achieve. Check out the full interview below.

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SZA Doesn’t Have Any More Goals

Elsewhere in the interview, SZA made a number of other notable points. She spoke on the nature of fame and how uncomfortable she is with being famous. Subsequently she claimed that it leaves her “on edge” and wasn’t a normal thing for a person to experience.

Additionally, SZA recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of her smash hit album SOS. She did so by posting a series of teasers about a deluxe version of the album. The deluxe edition is called LANA and it’s been teased multiple times across the past few months. Despite that, the project doesn’t have an official release date quite yet. What do you think of SZA claiming she’s achieved every goal she can think to set for herself already? Let us know in the comment section below.

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