T.I. and Tiny Under Investigation for Sexual Assault

Los Angeles police are investigating allegations that T.I. and his wife Tameka Tiny Harris drugged and sexually assaulted a woman.

According to The Daily Beast, the Los Angeles Police Department launched a criminal investigation in April after meeting with one of the couples accusers.

The woman, a military veteran who requested anonymity, says she felt incapacitated after accepting a tequila drink from Tiny in the VIP section of an L.A. club. She was then invited back to the couples hotel room where she claims she was raped.

Once in the bathroom, Tiny took off all of victims clothing, the report states. Tiny was also naked, wearing only a shower cap. T.I. came into the bathroom naked. All three got into the shower and T.I. told victim she looked better naked.

She alleged to have told T.I. no during one of the sexual acts before going to the bathroom to throw up. Her last memory was sitting down on the couch before waking up the next morning with her vagina very sore and had a burning/itching sensation.

She was able to leave and contact her friend from that night, who also claimed she felt sick after tasting Tinys drink.

The woman is one of dozens accusing T.I. and Tiny of crimes including drugging, kidnapping, and rape.

The couple has denied any instances of non-consensual sex, while their lawyer says the claims are part of a sordid shakedown campaign.

We vehemently deny ALL these disgusting, anonymous allegations, T.I. said in January. We aint never forced nobody, we aint never drugged nobody against their will, we aint never held nobody against their will, we aint never made nobody do anything.

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