T.I. Calls Out Wack 100’s Social Media Hypocrisy: "Until It’s In My Face It’s Fake”

T.I. made a very keen observation about how all the hate is taking place behind a screen.

 ‘s name has been in everyone’s mouth as of late for the major  The rapper addressed the whole thing up on with Jada Pinkett Smith, and seemed to be moving on from the whole debacle, but now he’s become involved in some beef with Wack 100 over . After  T.I., along with , took it upon himself to  T.I. posted a photo on Instagram of the actual dictionary definition of a “legend,” stressing Nipsey’s impact above all else in the caption. 

 Instead of taking it personally, T.I. responded indirectly by posting a cartoon on Instagram that depicts the hypocrisy of online hate versus face-to-face adoration. In the illustration, a hater figure can be seen typing on his phone, the screen showing him tagging “@famousman” on Twitter and tweeting “shut up your music sucks. Tasteless idiot.” The next frame shows the same guy fawning over the presumed “famous man” he was hating on over social media, begging the star to sign his hoodie and claiming to be his biggest fan. The cartoon is titled “People on Twitter VS people in real life” and while the surface level message is obvious—people love to switch up on famous people they claim to hate when they meet in real life—T.I. seems to be inferring that Wack 100 is only able to talk sh*t behind a screen and would never say any of this to his face.

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