T.I. Gives 2Pac Lowest Rating During "Rate The Bars" Segment

T.I. didn’t hold back duringa recent BETRate The Bars segment. The always outspoken ATLien was tasked with rating bars from a variety rappers, including Iggy Azalea, 2Pac and B.o.B.

Despite his status as one Hip Hop’s greats, the late Tupac Shakur received a rating 1 from T.I. for his “Something Wicked” lyrics.

“I give this a1. I gave it a 1 because it’s ‘rat, cat, dog, fog, run, fun.’ I’m done,” T.I. said.

Iggy Azalea also failed to impress the Us Or Elserapper. The Aussie artist received a 2.5 for her bars on “Switch.”

“It rhymes. And they’re talking about things. I give it a 2.5,” he said.

Naturally,T.I.showed little bias when rating his own bars. He gifted himself with a 3.5 for his “savvy” double entendres on “King Da South.”

Fellow Atlanta rapper B.o.B walked away with the highest rating from T.I. thanks to a sampling bars from his Ether track, “E.T.”

For B.o.B’s lines, “I’m like a Michelangelo painting that hangs in the vault/ They gated me f by Hendrix while he plays the guitar/ Never had friends but me and Franklin was dawgs/ Somewhere between insane and famous, guess my brain’s a lil’ f,” T.I. gave him a 4.

Watch the entire segment above.