T.I. “Livid” Over The Assault That Occurred To 3 Women At Houston’s Restaurant In ATL

T.I. is not a happy man after hearing the news that occurred at Atlanta’s Houston’s restaurant this month to a few ladies, who were allegedly physically assaulted for not leaving the restaurant in time.

The story goes that a manager asked the restaurant’s “officer”/security guard to escort three women out of the restroom because they came in to use the facilities after the business had closed at 10 p.m. After failing to listen & get out, the “officer” (named Guzman) physically dragged one of the woman out the bathroom, through the restaurant and threw her outside, before physically assaulting her in the process. All three of the ladies were eventually arrested & booked at Fulton County jail in ATL after police arrived, but they’ve been quite vocal of their story ever since.

Of course there’s two sides to every story, but the footage that Tip shared Monday night on IG proves to tell the truth, and that Houston’s was completely in the wrong.

Tip hopped on Instagram Monday night and was “livid” about the incident, ranting to both the restaurant and Guzman (the security guard) about seeing him.

“So I got a message for Houston’s. For all we went though y’all gon’ allow old Guzman (security guard] to drag this young lady out the bathroom,  through the restaurant, pushing her to the bushes and physically assault her. Thats what y’all gonna do? After I push my face on it. Thats what y’all gonna do? Guzman I need see you homes. Come do me like that. Come drag me through the restaurant. Ain’t no talk. we want smoke.”

Tip also shared some pictures of the women’s injuries, proving again the security guard was at fault for putting his hands on her.

Check out the photos & clips that T.I. shared Monday night (below). #BoycottHoustons

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