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T.I. Passed On Brian Grazer's "8 Mile"-Style Trap Biopic So Now It's Starring Gucci Mane

Beverly Hils, CA – 8 Mile producer Brian Grazer will be doing a biopic surrounding Gucci Mane’s life and his role as the trap music “progenitor.” Grazer originally hadT.I. in mind to do a biopic first, however, in an interview with TMZ, Tip says he turned down the opportunity.

“Brian asked me to do mine a while ago, and I told him I wasn’t interested just because I don’t know how that story ends,” the Grand Hustle boss told TMZ.

“I guess he found somebody that wanted to do theirs, that’s fine.”

The debate of who the true architect of trap music normally relegates between T.I. and Gucci Mane. It’s a quiet disagreement between the two and many rap fans who have their opinions on who the real trap God is.

In April,T.I. shot down Guwop’s claimthat he is the inventor of the sub-genreby posting to Instagrama Wikipedia screenshot displaying the date his first album,Trap Muzik (August 13, 2003), was released as opposed to when Gucci dropped his first mixtape which was two years later with Trap House.

“It’s idiocy to go out and continue to toss around opinions in the face of facts,” he says of Grazer’s forthcoming biopic with Gucci.

During an interview with UK Hip HopTalk, T.I. doubled down on his trap music creator claims and they were eventually co-signed by CeeLo Green during a recent episode of UK Hip HopTalk’sSoulful Sundays.

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