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T.I. Says Younger Rappers Think Dissing Older Generation Will Earn Them Respect

Ahead the March 30 premiere Rapture — Netflix’s eight-episode documentary series that dives deep into the world Hip Hop — director Sacha Jenkins and T.I. spoke with MTV News about today’s younger generation Hip Hop artists.

T.I. says the older generation  artists lived and experienced what they rapped about in their music in order to be accepted. He later alludes to that no longer being a requirement for today’s younger crop artists.

“The younger generation wants to be respected, and they feel that that respect comes from the disrespect the former generation,” T.I. says. “For us, we actually had to go out there. The things that you hear me rapping me about, these are things that I actually had to live through. I had to go out here and do these things and I earned the right to speak about them.”

T.I. later made reference to Lil Xan’s recent comments about 2Pac. The 37-year-old Atlanta veteran — who was one the first artists to criticize Xan for his controversial remarks — says the 21-year-old hasn’t taken the time to learn about Pac’s life and story.

“Right now, you have people discussing other people who haven’t gone through these necessary steps that they’ve gone through and you are critiquing their work when you haven’t really walked their path,” T.I. adds. “This guy Lil Xan he just has never really taken the time out, he’s not aware how much work actually went into making it where Pac made it, where B.I.G. made it.”