T.I. Slams Gucci Mane's Claims That He Invented Trap Music

Hip-hop commentators have been debating the identity of the inventor of trap music for some a minute now, and this whole time Gucci Mane had the answer. Posting a Flash Back Friday photo, the “I Get the Bag” rapper not only stated that he “invented” the popular sub-genre but that he did it a while ago.

Needless to say, he started some drama on Instagram earlier this week. When T.I. got wind of Guwop’s claim…

Says Tip

T.I. Slams Gucci Mane's Claims That He Invented Trap Music

Source: Instagram @troubleman31

According to Tip, he is the true innovator of trap music. He pulled out his receipts for “the slow ones in the back” on Instagram about two days after Gucci’s post.

Along with a screenshot of the Wikipedia page on his 2003 release which is actually named Trap Muzik T.I. wrote, “August 19th,2003 Birth of Trap Muzik.” “Only fools dispute facts!!! FOH wit that Christopher Columbus a**… ‘Look what I discovered,even though they was already here’ a** s**t!!!!” he continued. “WITCHO GOOD CAPPIN A**”

The Atlanta rapper didn’t mention Gucci, but viewers got the point.

“Big facts Gucci tripping on this one he use to be rapping bout jewelry and doing drugs not hustling,” an Instagram user wrote. “There was always drug dealing music…but this was the official birth of Trap Muzik !!!!” added another.

One point out, “Lot of arguing going on…but rapping bout drugs n trap music is to different things…Trap was a sound a way of life put to smooth out/Gangsta Beats….Tip made it a Movement Of Melodic Storytelling.”

Pick a side

Hip-hop lovers debated the topic even more so in Gucci’s comments, but for most there was argument. As one fan put it, “Ti was active 1996 Gucci was active 2001 if that aint enough facts everyone who comment is stupid.”

Not every one was on Tip’s side though. Some focused on the big picture, rather than one album moniker. “T.I. is not known for ‘TRAP’ music.. He’s know for fighting music. Sorry hands down TEAM GUCCI! TRAP GOD!” an Instagram user added. “Folks jus need to realize ti got mainstream first with trap music,” added another.

“Ghetto mafia invented trap muzik, tip coined the phrase, jeezy took the term worldwide and guwop carried on his back #caseclosed,” a user posted.

Trap Muzik

T.I. Slams Gucci Mane's Claims That He Invented Trap Music

Source: Instagram @troubleman31

T.I. acknowledged the growth of the sub-genre since his Trap Muzik during an interview with HipHopDX late last year, but even then, he didn’t want his claims as trap music’s originator to be “hearsay like Im speculating or proclaiming this personally.”

After using his 2003 LP as proof that he invented it, the rapper said “it has grown from the contributions of others who have taken it far beyond where I left it or where I could have taken it.”

“It has expanded so much, so wide, and so broad that at this point you just have to sit back and watch and just be proud,” he continued. “As long as its people who come from that walk of life who could look to the charts and feel like there are hit records out there right now that represent them and their lifestyle, and talk about how they live every day, I feel like trap music is very much alive.”

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