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T-Pain Thinks It’s Weird That People Are Doing The Most To Impress One Another

He says he’s okay being a “cornball.”

While the public is heavily influenced by the illusion of social media and attempt to keep up with the Joneses, is marching to the beat of his own drum. You can choose any social media platform of your liking and find people who look and act like carbon copies of each other, but T-Pain isn’t worried about impressing people—and frankly,

The rapper, who recently shared the BET Hip Hop Awards stage with to kick off a medley of Maybach Music hits, took to his Instagram on Wednesday to share. “I [love] being a f*cking cornball cus all y’all n*ggas doin the same sh*t just to impress each other and it’s weird,” he wrote. “Just a bunch of peacocks fightin [laughing emoji] I’m glad I get to actually enjoy my hobbies and don’t have to act like I hate something just because my ‘peers’ don’t think its cool.”

He didn’t address anyone in particular and didn’t give any insight to what made him share the message, but he wanted his followers to know he’s doing just fine being different. Meanwhile, 

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