T-Pain Threatens to End Wife's Life

T-Pain is facing backlash after threatening to kill his wife, Amber Najm. Though his comment was made in a joking manner, and most viewers took the remark as such, a good chuck of readers felt the artist was making a mockery of domestic abuse.

The counter-blast was seemingly so intense that it pushed Najm to turn off the comments on the post.

Date Night

T-Pain Threatens to End Wife's Life

Source: Instagram @amberghini1122

Seems like T-Pain and his wife-of-15-years had a cute date night earlier this week. Najm posted a photo of herself and the rapper looking extra cozy under the words “I love you so much.” She accompanied the shot with a simple caption: “Night out with @tpain #nightout #love #braves #tpain.”

It was all likes and love until T-Pain slid underneath the photo with a comment some called “disturbing” and “disrespectful.”

“I love you so much baby,” the “Buy U a Drank” artist began. “I see ppl hatin’ on us so much and I bet they’ve never experienced love nowhere near the levels you give me. You’ve dealt with so much bulls**t from me and came out of it a new woman with new goals and I can’t believe how dope you are. You are a gift from God and I can confirm this from many different angles and proofs.”

“If I catch you with another ni**a I’m gonna kill both of y’all with a deadly weapon for sure but I’ll leave you for last because I’m a f**kin’ gentleman. That’s how much I love you lady. Enjoy the worship,” he continued.


T-Pain Threatens to End Wife's Life

Source: Twitter @tequilaBondz

Fans weren’t impressed. They pilled in Najm’s comments, until she disabled them, at which point viewers took their thoughts abroad. Posting comments on Twitter, those offended by T-Pain’s note shared their thoughts.

One Twitter wrote, “T-Pain jokingly posted online that he would kill his wife ‘with a deadly weapon’ if she ever left him, and people are like ‘wow, real love.’ I’m sorry but when did it become cute to joke about domestic violence?! That’s a threat, that’s a possessive man, that’s scary.”

“Please don’t tell me if I step out on you, that you will murder me in cold blood, (especially if you admit to already stepping out first), and call it love. And please please don’t post that s**t for the world to see,” added another.

“Just because someone chooses to be with you doesn’t mean you own or possess them. That t-pain note to his wife was straight garbage. I love you so much I’ll kill you if you leave me? Nah,” a user posted.


Najm didn’t respond to the comment, and T-Pain didn’t straightforwardly address the backlash. Instead, it seems as though he subbed the entire internet.

Late yesterday (April 11), he posted a short clip on Instagram, showing Marc Zuckerberg in court with severals cameras being flashed inches away from his face. He captioned it: “Everybody on the internet waiting on you to f**k up so they can give their opinions on how much better they are than you.”

“A.k.a the shade room,” a user commented, referencing the screenshot of Najm’s post on TSR‘s Instagram page.

Fabolous — who will go up against one count of aggravated assault in the third degree alongside one count of making terroristic threats in the third degree after physically abusing his wife Emily B — chimed in on the post as well, commenting with the “100” emoji.

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