Talib Kweli & Michael Rapaport Debate Use Of The N-Word: "Why At This Point?"

The age-old debate is discussed between a veteran rapper, a comedian and a controversial social commentator who you may have seen in a few films.

Veteran actor and social commentator Michael Rapaport has a lot of opinions about everything, whether he’s , , , , or just  — oh, and that’s just scratching the surface! However, his latest stance on a controversial subject while visiting ‘s People’s Party podcast on UPROXX might just have people on his side this time around.

Talib and co-host Jasmin Leigh discussed a handful of topics with Rapaport, including cancel culture, his A Tribe Called Quest film and that “ashy ankles” controversy with Kenya Moore amongst other things. Things really got interesting though when it came to the use of the N-word, which the Higher Learning star questioned Kweli on why he and other rappers, specifically past guest , still use it at this point in history. “You’re known as a wordsmith,” Rapaport assured Kweli, continuing by adding, “but I’m like, ‘Why is Kwe—N,N,N,N,N—at this point?'” The conversation leads both Talib and Jasmin to break down why the word is used in black culture and how, simply, those who aren’t African American should be careful with how they introduce their opinions on the N-word conversation as to not be “harmful by mistake.” The conversation spans for a little over two hours, so it’s definitely worth watching to get a better context of the entire discussion.

Watch the full episode of Talib Kweli’s People’s Party interview with Michael Rapaport below, and let us know what you think about the topic down in the comments:

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