Tame Imapala Drops Unreleased Demos From ‘Lonerism’ 10 Year Anniversary Edition on Streaming


Tame Impala is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the band’s second studio album Lonerism with the release of a vinyl LP box set and two unreleased demos on streaming.

The first cut, entitled “Retina Show,” is co-written by Kevin Parker and Jay Watson, the latter of whom also contributed to the tracks “Apocalypse Dreams” and “Elephant,” while “Sidetracked Soundtrack” features only a handful of lyrics from Parker nearing the end. The Lonerism 10 Year Anniversary Box Set is a 3LP box set that features a 24-page booklet in addition to the unreleased and never-before-heard demo sessions, with the artwork designed by Erin Knutson and Immanuel Yang and additional photography from Matt Sav and Parker.

Stream Tame Impala’s “Retina Show/Sidetracked Soundtrack” on Spotify and purchase the Lonerism 10 Year Anniversary Box Set on the official Tame Impala webstore for approximately $50 USD.

In related news, Tame Impala will be part of the Barbie soundtrack.

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