Taylor Swift Donates To Minneapolis Teens' Fundraiser

Yasmine and Grace Norman are purchasing skincare and hair products for people of color.

Taylor Swift spotted a video from Minneapolis teens Yasmine and Grace Norman earlier this week — in which the pair said they were planning a “big haul” shopping trip to buy haircare and skin products for a local church seeking items for people of color in need in the city — and the pop superstar stepped up to help.

The singer, who made a strong political statement on Tuesday by tweeting out her support of Black Lives Matter, donated $1,300 to the cause after seeing the video, which was set to the tune of her activist call-to-arms “Only the Young.”

According to a tweet from Yasmine Norman, Swift wrote in the notes of her donation, “Yasmine and Grace, thank you SO MUCH for everything you’re doing to help people. Here’s a gift for this run, please let me know about anything in the future! Love, Taylor.”

Yasmine responded, tweeting, “THANK YOU @taylorswift13 You amaze me @grace_norman27 and I will be doing a supply run in Minneapolis to help families in need, many who’ve been affected my the riots.”

Billboard has confirmed the donation.

See Yasmine’s tweet below.

The generous gift from Swift is the latest in a series of quiet donations the singer has made to fans during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. In March, Swift sent a series of personal stimulus checks to help Swifties get through the crisis.