TEF XL Shows Us How It’s Done In “Say Less”

“Say Less” is a new banger by the renowned artist TEF XL, his fourth drop this year and a stunning piece that brings together music, lyrics, and video. “Say Less” is another autobiographical song in which the rapper details the lessons he has learnt over the years of growing up in his hood in Jacksonville, Florida—the places shown in the music video. 

As TEF tells his story to a detective, the audience gets to really grasp the artist’s point of view and relate to his experiences. At the same time, there is “life advice” to be found in TEF’s sharp lyrics, but we’ll let you find it for yourself! 

“Unlike RNR which reflects on a dark moment in time,” TEF said about the song, “‘Say Less’ is a feel-good track intended to deliver hope and motivation; it depicts the broader context of my journey. Verse one is a conversation about how I wanted to experience my life and the risks I took to pursue that vision.” TEF, however, talks about getting nowhere with this, seeing friends and close ones incarcerated and losing people to gun violence.

“It took many years and many lessons before I made the decision to change course and go to college. Verse two then pivots to the point in my life where I realized I didn’t have to choose between being a professional or an artist, that they could co-exist.” In the next lines TEF talks about choosing the prestige of studying business rather than pursuing his passion, all the while the audience gets a good view of the locations where these choices and thought processes took place.

Since he started freestyling and creating his own verses as a teenager, TEF never stopped pursuing this passion and has throughout his lifetime accumulated some truly impressive, vibrant pieces that the fans love so much. We can’t wait to see what’s next for TEF!

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