Tems’ Lollapalooza Performance Gets Heaps Of Praise On Twitter

Lollapalooza is currently taking Chicago by storm with a slew of great performances, all of which Twitter is scrutinizing with a fine-toothed comb. While there are too many notable ones to count, one that’s earned the fervent admiration of social media is Tems. Moreover, she performed on Friday and put together a show-stopping set of some of her best material and talents. Of course, this isn’t the first time the Nigerian singer-songwriter went viral on the platform, but this is definitely one of the best and most earned reasons for it. All over the site, you can find a slew of videos of her sweet vocals and demanding stage presence.

“I love you Tems,” one impassioned fan wrote of her show. “She was so surreal. Gods she had all of us singing I love her.” “i haven’t seen any bad reviews from people that saw tems at the lollapalooza festival,” another expressed. “But na people wey no go dey complain.” Still, that’s not to say that it stunned absolutely everyone, as others pointed out that there are other performance standards that she could improve upon. “Tems is the last person you can troll with live performance,” one user believes. “We saw how other female artistes did on Genius and Tiny Desk compared to how she did. Her type of music doesn’t require much energy on stage. All she needs to do is sing and flaunt her vocals like Adele and co.”

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Twitter Praises Tems’ Lollapalooza Set: Examples

Still, we’ll let you be the judge of that, and the response to her set was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, it’s not all that she’s getting praised for on the Internet these days, and the praise is coming from upper echelons. For example, Rolling Stone named Tems’ collab with Wizkid, “ESSENCE,” as one of the best songs of the summer of the century. They showed just how far she reaches in the mainstream, and represent how she captivated audiences so passionately on her way to the top.

Meanwhile, speaking of collabs, the 28-year-old’s Drake collab, “Only Me,” recently leaked online. Although it originally manifested as a track on her debut album, it never saw the light of day. Even with that history in mind, people still want its release, as this would just be the next step in an already astonishing career. Regardless, she will continue to wow with her performances everywhere she goes. For more news and the latest updates on Tems, come back to HNHH.

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