Terrence Howard's Daughters Are All Grown up and Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Terrence Howard is a man of many talents, making beautiful children included. The father-of-four did a great job of keeping his daughters out of the public eye until now.

Aubrey and Heaven are nothing less than gorgeous.


Terrence Howard's Daughters Are All Grown up and Drop-Dead Gorgeous

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Aubrey Howard, the oldest of five, is 24 years old. Fittingly, she attended Howard University while raising her now-four-year-old daughter. During after pregnancy, then-18-year-old Aubrey married her child’s father, Billy Gayle. As of now, there’s no reports on if the couple is still together

There’s several examples of how close Terrance and his first-born are to each other though.

For her dad’s birthday in March, Aubrey posted a sweet ode to her dad.

“Happy 48th birthday to the man I love more than anything,” she began her post. “You have always been my best friend that has been there for me in more ways than I could name.”

“I’m so proud of all you have achieved and the amazing person and father you have become along the way. I hope you have a wonderful day and celebrate all that you are,” she added.


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Twenty-year-old Heaven is the second oldest of Howard’s children. She’s close to her sister and father, but… not so much to Miranda Pak, who was her step-mother from 2013-2015.

According to St. Louis American, Heaven wrote a lengthy message to her former step-mom on Instagram, claiming that her “stepmother Mira tried to steal” her smile.

“Don’t let anyone steal your smile,” Heaven wrote in the now-deleted post Hollywood Street King. “My stepmother Mira tried to steal mine, but I won’t let her. She’s blocked my brother, sister and me from her phone – and also from my father’s phone. She has tried to tear my family apart. For what reason? Why did you act like you cared in the beginning? I was quiet and polite because I only wanted to bring us all together again, but now I can’t even text or call my father because of you, so I’m saying something. I have no reason to be quiet. I am not the one to be rude to or try to hurt anyone, because what’s the point. It’s truly a lesson for us all.”

Fright Club

Coming this Thursday May 24 #FrightClub

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As for the Empire star himself… He’s living his best, scaring his biggest fans. The star held Terrence Howard’s Fright Club, a one-night television special where he invited a gang of his “superfans” to his “remote estate” in Louisiana.

Though the fans thought they were participating in a VIP meet-and-greet, they are actually walking into a haunted house. As Terrence watches from behind the scenes, the participants were hit with “swamp monsters” and “voodoo spells.” However, it was all in good fun.

The special aired May 24.

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