Teyana Taylor Announces Collection With MAC Cosmetics

After more than a year in the making, Teyana Taylor’s limited-edition makeup collection is MAC Cosmetics is on its way.

The launch was inspired by Taylor’s love of 90s fashion and beauty, and will show through products, packaging, product names and even the photo shoot. “I was inspired by the 90s and the heart & soul of Harlem and wanted to show that through the shades and packaging,” she said in a statement.

The entertainer also took to Instagram to share the news. “I remember walking by the Mac store on 125th street coming from school, amazed at all the dope campaign ads spread across floor to ceiling windows & on other major department stores,” she wrote in the caption alongside two campaign photos. “MAC Cosmetics really inspired me because they were one of the first mainstream companies to fearlessly and unapologetically embrace woman of color and the LGBTQ Community. That was big for me being a young black girl from Harlem telling myself that one day that would be me plastered in that window!”

“I’m so grateful and excited to be sharing this beautiful collection I created with the MAC team and so happy the cat’s finally out the bag!!” she continued. “But most importantly, I’m hoping to inspire other young black women that anything and everything is possible & that our black is STUNNING!!!”

The MAC x Teyana Taylor collection is set to arrive July 2020.

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