Thalia Reacts To Fan's Death From Coronavirus

Thalia is lamenting the death of one of her beloved fans. Juan Carlos Pastrana, who lost his life to the novel coronavirus disease, was 36.

The Mexican singer commemorated her late fan “Juanquis” with a heartfelt video showing various photos of them together throughout the years. “The Thaly Family is in mourning. We will always remember you, Juan Carlos,” she expressed on social media on Monday (May 4).

Moved by his passing, Thalia posted another video to her feed, reminding her 16 million followers why it’s important to stay home and follow the safety guidelines.

“Much of his life, he shared with me, with my dreams and projects. He was always there supporting me and was part of my Thaly Family,” she said. “This is a loss that hurts me infinitely. The only thing he transmitted was kindness, love, well-being, tranquility, happiness.”

“We have to take care of ourselves, we are all vulnerable in this battle of the Covid-19,” she captioned her sincere video message on Instagram.

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For more information about COVID-19 visit the WHO or CDC websites.

Thalia Reacts To Fan's Death From Coronavirus

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