"That's My Baby" Offset Reveals the REAL Reason He's Marrying Cardi B

Much like the great love stories before theirs, Offset says that he found himself overwhelmed with all Cardi B’s Cardi-ness. When she hit the hip-hop scene, Offset knew he had to meet her. The more the rapstress hustled her way through the music industry’s many hoops, the more fascinated Offset became with her.

“I was like, ‘D**n, I am on her!’” Offset told Rolling Stone in his latest interview. “I am like, ‘S**t, I like Cardi B!’”

Before too long, the Migos rapper had his publicist set a dinner in New York for an exclusive group women. The event, which Cardi attended, lead to the duo’s first date at the Super Bowl. Fast forward to present day, the couple is engaged and Offset is sharing exactly why he loves Belcalis Almanzar.