The Best Hip-Hop/R&B Playlist For This Weekend

It’s Friday. It’s 2k18. What better time is there for you to follow our FIRE EMOJI playlist??? There is no better time, considering just how fire-y it is this week (and again, I say this every freaking week, but this week it is the truest of the true).

We’ve been building up our Spotify playlist, FIRE EMOJI, as a breeding ground for the dopest/best/hottest hip-hop and r’n’b songs that are out right now. We’re always on the hunt for newest of the new (so long as it’s fye) to add to it, while older songs are gradually curated out of the playlist and added to our massive/only-playlist-of-its-kind Archive — if you have a couple of days to spare, give it a listen. 

In an effort to keep your earbuds satisfied and keep up with the non-stop pace of the internetz, we update FIRE EMOJI on a daily basis, and we’re sharing it with you every Friday, to help accommodate your weekend plans. If you didn’t keep up with the site’s daily songs list for the entire week, then consider this as a simple recap on the songs you might have missed, and more importantly, the songs you really need in your life this weekend.

THIS WEEK. IS CRAZY. We were spoiled it seems, with amazing new songs from Rae Sremmurd (“Chanel” is a trip, a psychedelic, twisted, trap type of trip), A$AP Rocky (“A$AP Forever” is a different kind of trip, a hazy, festival-bound trip, perhaps), Denzel Curry (“SUMO” is basically onomatopoeic — the title really says it all), Jazz Cartier (“Right Now” is really what you need RIGHT NOW. For your Friday night TURN UP. RN.), and this is literally skimming the surface of the playlist. If you dig a bit more, we’ve got some highlights from Cardi B’s new album (yup, “Bickenhead” is the jam), Flatbush Zombies’ Vacation in Hell, The Weeknd, Rich the Kid, the return of THEY. and so much more. We’ve been leading up to all this goodness since last Friday!! Check it out below.

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