The ‘Did It Work?’ Legs Meme Explained

A new meme has hit the Internet, all (accidentally) thanks to Blackpink‘s Lisa.

It all started when Lisa appeared in a dance performance video last week, in which she flaunts her long legs in some awesome thigh-high boots.

The look caused Twitter user @dilfsarek to crop just the songstress’ legs out of the photo, and Photoshop them onto Star Trek‘s Spock’s legs to make them “work.”

Still confused? Meme Queen Dolly Parton took part in the challenge on Wednesday (April 29), cropping a throwback photo of herself onto Lisa’s legs, asking, “Did it work?” Yes, it did, because it really does look like the thigh high boots were part of Parton’s original outfit.

Countless others also joined in, including Stephen Colbert and the official Netflix account. See below.

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