The Game Bedazzled By Meek Mill’s Fast Rapping Ability

Meek Mill’s dexterous bars have The Game hitting pause.

The art of fast rap goes by many names, be it “double-time flow” or the more condescending “rappity-rap.” A far cry from the formative flows of hip-hop’s birth in 1973. In the years that followed, artists like Jaz-O, -N-Harmony, , and began experimenting with their tempo, developing a style built on speed and stamina. In recent years, and Eminem , likewise have Tory Lanez and , who recently reached hyperspeed on a remix of ‘s “Suge.” In truth, many technicians have tried their hand but only one has left The Game awestruck. 

The Game Bedazzled By Meek Mill's Fast Rapping Ability

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 
“Meek Mill rap so fast I feel like n***s be missing the bars…. don’t @ me !!!!!” writes Game, Twitter. It’s unclear as to what song prompted this particular revelation; while Meek’s pace is generally lively, he’s rarely seen in the greater fast-rap discourse. And yet The Game felt compelled to pay respect to Meek’s dexterity all the same simultaneously sparking a new debate in the process: Is Meek Mill’s flow underrated?
My how far they’ve come. While it’s cool to see Game admire Meek’s craftmanship, one has to worry about his safety. If he hears a song from Twista, Tech N9ne, Tonedeff, Busta Rhymes, or Eminem, it’s possible his head might explode entirely. 

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