The Game Reflects On His Struggle With Fans: "I Earned My Place In Hip Hop History"

Yesterday, Compton rapper The Game took some time off from trolling Tekashi 6ix 9ine and riding over sand dunes in Dubai to share a personal message with his Instagram followers.

The wall of text is accompanied by an autographed picture of The Game’s debut album The Documentary, which may have inspired him to take the time to write this message. 

It’s a little too long to post the entire thing here, but it’s worth reading if you’re at all interested in The Game’s history. He starts from the very beginning, when his mom had to sell gumbo on the side during her post office job while his father sold heroin just to make ends meet. Once the cocaine epidemic reached Compton, the streets came for Game’s father, and then eventually came for him too. 

That’s when he became affiliated with the Cedar Block Piru gang, eventually graduating to rapping and signing a deal with Dr. Dre.

The Game isn’t shy about his place in hip-hop history either, and he re-affirms his authenticity. He writes, “I am as advertised… I never faked shit… & I never will.. I earned my place in hip hop history… I carried the West Coast by my mornafuckin self at one point…”

Game finishes off his tale by claiming that he’s content, and using the hashtag #DRUNKButTRILL, which might further explain his reasoning behind his writing this post. 

Do you agree with Game’s point here, does he deserve his spot amongst hip-hop legends? Let us know what you think.

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