The Game Speaks On "Emptiness" Ahead Of Father's Funeral

With his father’s funeral taking place on Friday (February 2), The Game has posted a handful photos on Instagram, reflecting on the sudden loss.

Both photos, which were uploaded on January 30 and 31, show Game as a child posing with his father.

“Im usually the STRONGEST person I know… but this one is really breaking me down. I miss you dad,” The Game wrote in the caption to the first photo he shared.

In the caption to the second photo, Game revealed that he’s having a hard time dealing with the emptiness that has followed his father’s death.

“Dear Dad: As Friday draws closer & we prepare to lay you to rest…The emptiness left in your absence is eating away at my soul & no matter where I go, the pain follows…. lead me to the light & strengthen me as I was not prepared for your departure,” The Game wrote.

Game also posted a video last week where he reminisced about his father.

“I aint just lose a father, I lost a friend,” he said. “We had some good times, we had a whole lotta bad, but no matter what time it was you never stopped being my dad. I love you.”

The Game’s father, George Taylor, passed away on January 17 at the age 65.