The Power of Social Media, Viewpoints From Whopperme

IMG_3894_Facetune_16-10-2020-19-53-35-1-2-1-1-1-1 The Power of Social Media, Viewpoints From Whopperme

The digital age continues to surprise us. Technology is changing how people interact with each other. Businesses have to tune their operations to related trends if they are to maintain their relevance in any industry. The same can be said about the modern-age model. Gone are the days when they would have to wait for an agency to engage them in a gig. This is according to Whopperme, who is using various platforms to showcase her modelling talent to the world.

Whopperme is a 19-year-old model from Indiana, who has been in this business for a year. Through this time, she has interacted with reputable personalities who have given her insight on how to build her reputation through social media. She hopes that her undertakings will land her a television role in the future. Whoopeme knows that she has to put in extra effort coupled with intellectual touch for every venture.

A solid digital presence has the potential to elevate the career of a model. It can open the doors to incredible opportunities if there is an effective plan in place. Whopperme has more than one million followers on Instagram, an achievement that came about due to the strategic management of her profile. Aside from collaborating with some influencers such as @itsannemoore, Whopperme took time to get to know her audience. She learned from that the process of increasing Instagram engagement takes time and effort. For example, it’s easier for users to track various metrics through the Instagram insights feature. Whopperme has studied the data and noted the demographic and characteristics of her audience. They are mostly Black men aged between 18 and 60 years old. She then tuned her posts to suit the interests of her followers, and with constant referrals, her popularity is rising.

Whopperme insists that clients will always want to do business with her because she can help them get what they want; they don’t do business to help her get what she wants. It is a perspective that she learned early on as she started her modelling career. This is the reason she believes social media platforms should be used for different purposes. Instagram favors models like her, while websites such as Facebook and Twitter best suit businesses that consistently need to interact with current or potential customers. If a creative understands this basic premise, clients will be flooding their dm’s with potential deals.

Indeed, we are living at a time when attention is everything, says Whopperme. The modern-day model should insert themself into as many channels as possible to capture the most value from social media sites.

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