The Rock Gets Paid $1 Million Just To Promote His Movies On Social Media

Any of you people out there who think your Instagram or Twitter game is fire need to sit down and take a lesson from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, because he’s taking his social media to another level. 

Today, Variety reported an expose into how much some of Hollywood’s top stars are making for their films. The Rock, who has a recurring role in the wildly successful Fast & Furious franchise and has become a dependable lead for Hollywood blockbusters, finds himself among the top earners, netting himself a cool $22 million for his upcoming performance in Red Notice, which is set to come out in 2020. 

Part of that massive payday, however, includes a $1 million social media fee, which means The Rock is taking in six figures just to tweet about the movies that he’s starring in. No matter how good your social media hustle is, no amount of promoted posts for Fashion Nova or detox teas will be able to match getting paid a million dollars just to do something you probably should be doing as an actor, anyway. 

It’s not simply Rock’s status as a major movie star that lets him cash these checks. He’s one of the few celebrities who have managed to truly cultivate an attentive following on social media, which has resulted in him having over 12 million followers on Twitter and over 100 million followers on Instagram, who all watch attentively as he sons DJ Khaled online for refusing to perform oral sex. That kind of outreach doesn’t come cheap.


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