The Sommer Pack


Returning with his first full-length project, Namani brings the heat on ‘The Sommer Pack’. Having released the upbeat ‘BMT’ just earlier this year, this latest seven-track project brings a further look into his sound and provides us with a more expansive view into his artistry. Honing its vibrant artwork, the tracklisting brings the same vivid energy to the forefront.

Opening with the playful, drill-induced track ‘Hundred Degrees’ Namani flows through the synth-laced opener with his distinctive delivery whilst proving his lyrical ability straight off the bat. Moving into the second track, his previous release ‘Shelly!’ brings its intriguing, instrumentation sample alongside it’s heavy, brash percussion. The track holds a perfect contrast between the gentle and the abrasive, the balance of which he continues to play with, throughout the remainder of the project.

Continuing into the bouncy, tongue-in-cheek ‘Lemonade’, the London-based musician shows his more experimental side on this sporadic instrumental. Moving into the project’s mid-point interlude ‘Go Prosper! (Jig Speaks)’ addresses the current climate of racial injustice and calls on others with a platform to speak out and address their privilege stating ‘your revelations will start revolutions.’. 

Moving into the fourth track of the project, ‘Nectar’ brings Namani’s melodic flow into the spotlight over it’s hollow, bass-lined percussion and intriguing use of synths. Continuing to keep the tone of the project-wide and ever-evolving, ‘Blueberry Bop’ lures you in with it’s laid-back and delicate approach before heavy drums and experimental details infiltrate and elevate the track into a distinctive, woodwind-driven instrumental.

Heading into the end of the project, ‘Sommer Rays’ brings a singular, summer sound. With its playful melodies, colourful chords and Namani’s effortless flow, the track perfectly ties together the rest of the project. Ending his first EP, Namani has already managed to capture a cohesive tone within his sound and explore further into his style, leaving you ready to hear what will come next.

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