The Weeknd And Blue Bottle Coffee Launched the Samra Origins Collection, A Brand Celebrating Ethiopian Culture


The Weeknd‘s rumored plans to retire from music could mean a shift to his outside professional ventures. Besides his acting career, he has a thriving coffee company, Samra Origins, to dive deeper into.

To prove it the “Blinding Lights” singer has partnered with Blue Bottle Company to celebrate his Ethiopian culture specificially its traditional coffee ceremony, Buna Tetu.

In a statement, The Weeknd spoke about the rich cultural significance of the beverage. “I remember coming home to the smell of coffee roasting in the kitchen and the chatter of family catching up in the living room,” he said. “The Buna Tetu coffee ceremony was a special piece of our culture my mother would share with our guests, and I realize, now that I’m older, it’s synonymous with home for me.”

He went to add how this sense of home led to the buildout of the venture. “Samra Origins is a true passion project of mine that Blue Bottle matched and understood as we developed the products together,” he said. “I hope the result ignites curiosity about Ethiopia’s people and motivates others to give back to communities in need.”

In alignment with the partnership with Samra Origins, Blue Bottle Coffee pledged to donate to the XO Humanitarian Fund, administered by World Food Program USA. The organization works to provide emergency operations in areas food insecurity global, but has a emphasis in Ethiopia aid.

Currently, there are two offerings from Samra Origins including Blend Vol. One (8 ounce bag) with notes of raspberry, toffee, citrus blossom which retails for $22. The brand also offers craft instant coffee single serve packets (of 5) which retails for $19. Find more information here.