The Weeknd Hints at Being Unfazed by Drake’s Alleged Diss Song

The Weeknd hints at being unfazed by Drake‘s diss track with a comical Instagram post today.

The Weeknd Reacts to Drake’s Alleged Leaked Diss Song

On Saturday (April 13), The Weeknd hopped on his Instagram Story and seemingly responded to Drake’s alleged diss track, which leaked online earlier today. On the song, Drizzy takes aim at the R&B crooner, suggesting that The Weeknd and his team are lying about being from Canada and they court men in a similar fashion as others would do for women. Drake even claims Amir “Cash” Esmailian, The Weeknd’s manager, is spending all the singer’s money.

“Claim the 6 and boys ain’t even come from it/And when you boys got rich you had to run from it,” Drizzy raps. “Cash blowin’ Abel bread, out here trickin’/S**t we do for b***hes he doing for n***as.”

After hearing the news, The Weeknd posted a picture in his Instagram story of himself laughing while eating popcorn. The photo shows everyone that he’s simply unbothered by Drake’s rhymes. He added fuel to the response by following up with pictures of himself, Metro Boomin and Future in a photoshoot.

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The Weeknd Throws Diss at Drake on “All to Myself”

The sudden hostility from Drake comes right after The Weeknd threw jabs at the OVO leader on Metro Boomin and Future’s song “All to Myself.” Coming off Metro Boomin and Future’s new album, We Still Don’t Trust You, which debuted on Friday (April 12), the Metro Boomin-produced offering finds Abel throwing shots at Drizzy.

“These n***as always yappin’, yeah/I promise that I got your back,” The Weeknd sings. “Ooh, look at how we movin’, baby (Movin’, baby)/They could never diss my brothers, baby (Future)/When they got leaks in they operation/I thank God that I never signed my life away/And we never do the big talk (No, no, no, no, no)/They shooters makin’ TikToks/Got us laughin’ in the Lambo (Yeah).”

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Take a look at The Weeknd’s reaction to Drake’s supposed diss song below.

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