The Weeknd, Madonna, And Playboi Carti Live The Life In Their Lavish ‘Popular’ Video

If you were playing any Fortnite Festival last weekend, odds are you had seen The Weeknd, Madonna, and Playboi Carti’s new video for “Popular,” as it debuted exclusively on the platform and was available to watch from February 15 to 18. If you’re not a gamer but would still like to see the clip, though, they’ve given the visual a wider release and it’s available on YouTube as of today, February 22.

It’s a video that shows off the high life, as the three artists find themselves performing and flexing in a gorgeous castle environment.

The tune is a relic from the era of The Idol, The Weeknd’s 2023 HBO show that ultimately kicked the bucket after a short and controversial run. The song was intended for The Idol, but while it was initially shared and promoted in association with the show, it ultimately never ended up on any of the show’s soundtrack releases.

The Weeknd previously said of the song, “I’m proud of it. I’m definitely proud of it. Me and Carti had this… I mean, we’ve jammed out before. We’ve had a different version of this song prior. So I’ve had these vocals for a while and I’ve kind of just worked around it, and then kind of kept it in the tuck. But now it felt like it was time. It was time. And it felt right and it felt cohesive with this album that I’m working on right now. Or that I just actually finished. The Idol soundtrack, yeah. And so I’ve been producing the song for a while. And then Madonna, Madge. She’s the ultimate co-sign for this song, for this album, and for this TV show. And you’ll hear more of her in the show as well, too. She is the ultimate pop star.”

Watch the “Popular” video above.