The WWE’s Shawn Michaels Invited Drake And Kendrick Lamar To Settle Their Differences In The Ring


It has often been said that rap is wrestling — i.e., that the tangled web of feuds and over-the-top personalities that make up hip-hop’s galaxy of stars is just a reflection of similar rivalries in the world of sports entertainment. But now, Drake and Kendrick Lamar have the opportunity to make the saying literal, as the WWE’s Shawn Michaels has invited them onto the promotion’s NXT brand to settle their differences with Michaels as mediator. Now that would actually be exciting.

Of course, considering the WWE has just entered its “Triple H” era — titled after the stage name of chief content officer Paul Levesque, who took over for the ousted Vince McMahon — there’s a non-zero chance that all of this was just a kayfabe buildup for an in-ring rivalry for the two rap superstars. After all, there are only so many achievements left for them in their chosen field, so why not branch out?

(I’m only sort of joking here —- obviously, there’s got to be some real bad blood after Kendrick accused Drake of pedophilia while Drake insinuated Kendrick’s kids are his, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if they had really been planning this all along?)

They wouldn’t be the first music stars to enter the ring; in recent years, Snoop Dogg has dished out haymakers to The Miz, and Bad Bunny has frog-splashed Damien Priest into oblivion. So, it wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility to see Drake and Kendrick don some tights and come to (scripted, but no less painful) blows.